Sunday, May 29, 2011

Has this Much Time Really Gone Past??

I don't believe I've ever let this much time go by without posting! We've been terribly busy-but I've taken pictures-just never had gotten around to sitting down and posting them. The drought is just about to take away any chance of the garden surviving-that and the deer!! They have got me SOOO upset! The green beans were right at ready to pick-I checked them on a Thursday afternoon and decided they could be picked on Saturday morning-only to find out the deer found them sometime that night or the next. The also have eaten all the peas. Every time we think we might get a handful-they beat us to them! We have a scarecrow-a flag-a noisy pie tin-stinky perfume-that did work for a few days-and we'll be putting the hair from our haircuts out this evening. The corn looks awful-just from no rain and the heat-but Jeff does have several little watermelons coming on-hopefully the deer won't find them. We're planning to dig the potatoes this evening or first thing in the morning. My boss gave us 2 small bags of potatoes and I canned 5 quarts of them. Every little bit counts! We've gotten several BEAUTIFUL tomatoes, a few squash and peppers from the garden here next to the house and the cucumbers are just loaded with little ones-hopefully we'll be making pickles before too long! Here is the second hen who has hatched off her bitties-only 5 this time-but she's a really good mom and taking very good care of them. Wish we could put her down on the ground-but just can't take the chance of something getting them. Jeff killed a 5 foot chicken snake-with my help!-last Saturday. It was between this cage and a cage of just born baby rabbits. Guess it took just a few minutes too long to decide which it wanted for breakfast-TOO BAD!!

This our beautiful granddaughter, Hailey, ready to go to her first dance. The fifth graders were invited to a Junior High Dance to get aquainted. She said she didn't dance with any boys-just hung out with her friends and had a good time. Oh-and she did make the LJH Trojan Belles Drill Team!!

One of the squash growing in the garden. I thought I was planting plenty-but wish now I had planted more-Guess we can try again in the fall.

Another varmit Jeff caught! They will not stay out of the feed! They will tear into every sack in the shed overnight. He also trapped a possum a few days before this on got caught-but something else is up to it again.

This is possibly the BIGGEST project we've been working on. The roof was leaking badly in the camper-so Jeff decided to re-roof it. A friend of Shorty's works for a rubber roofing company and got most of the materials for us! Thanks so much!! Anyway-there were several rotted parts in the ceiling-so that had to be repaired first. And of course-the first night everything was off of it and covered with tarps was 1 of the nights we did get some rain! It rained in on us twice that night! He did finally get it finished and then decided to bring it home last Friday-only to find out that it was terribly rotten along the bottom. Jeff was worried it wasn't going to even make it home in one piece. It did-and they've been replacing walls all weekend-and it is looking great now! We plan to start doing some camping and already have reservations here on the lake in 2 weeks and a week long trip to Caddo State Park in July. It's really hard to make plans this summer because of the arrival of Baby Kylie. Only God knows for sure when she'll make her appearance. Alana is getting very tired-but she has less than a month left to go. It doesn't help too much when both of her kids have a stomach virus right now!

I'll finish for now-still have LOTS of thoughts running through my head of things I've just remembered-but it would take the rest of the afternoon to get it all down!! God Bless!!

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Lucky Lizard Ranch said...

Darn the deer and varmits!
Have you tried Irish Spring soap? I've heard if you shave or grate it and put that in the area you want to keep them out of, they hate it enough to leave.
Please don't send them in our direction!
I hope our area gets a 3 day rain, soon!