Sunday, August 18, 2013

Pears & Hay

We picked up pears from the trees on the property and got them canned yesterday. The temperature was lower outside-the first little cool front we've had-can Fall be too far behind???

My always helpful hubby-he finished peeling the pears while I went in and got the syrup ready. The cows stood at the fence and begged for the peels.

Cooking in the syrup-smells wonderful!

And all done-6 pints and 1 quart-all ready for pies or cobblers!

And more honey!! 9 pints and 6 half pints-Yummy!!

We spent the afternoon getting hay. Found some bale hay first, and when we got there to get it-it was a friend of Jeff's that he used to work with. So we had a good long visit with them. Then went the other direction and picked up 4 rolls of hay. So hopefully with that and the other we need to pick up-we'll have enough to make it through.
We got our first egg yesterday from the pullets yesterday too! Kinda small, but they'll get bigger and hopefully more a day are on the way. Bad news is, something tore into the coop at home and killed the rooster and all but 2 of the laying hens! :( So the pullets will have to start laying or we will have to buy eggs-oh no!!

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