Monday, May 6, 2013

Garden Pic #6 and New Pen for the Pullets

 Garden Pic #6-It's growing great, but we do need some rain!
 Green beans-we'll be pickin' 'em by the end of the week-Yummy!
 Little tomatoes!
 Baby squash-pay no attention to the grass! :)
 One of the many little cucumbers-pickles will be here before too long!
 We brought the 12 Americauna pullets up here to Coldspring last night and Jeff got the old dog kennel fixed up for them today. They were really enjoying it-they've never been on the ground and were enjoying scratching and fluffing around in the sand.
 More beans-or is this the same pic? ;)
And last but not least, the 2 squash Jeff picked today. We have them cooking right now for supper, sure smells good-can't wait to eat!!!!

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