Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Kaytlynn's Day of Cooking!

 We spent a good part of the day today-COOKING! She had a blast and so did I! We started out with a new bread recipe and moved on to a new pot pie one.

 Kaytlynn learning to knead bread dough
 The bread rising in the loaf pan
 Ready to go into the oven!
 Loaf is done!
 Next-cooking the filling for the pot pie-rabbit-carrots-onions, celery, etc.-She really was enjoying the stirring-despite the look of what seems disgust on her face.
The finished pie-we were so anxious to eat it-I forgot to take a picture of it before we dug in! And boy-was it good-so was the bread! The only thing that would have made it better would have been if we'd have had fresh, homemade butter to go on it instead of store bought.
We still are having cold weather and a little damp-I'm having a hard time getting outside to get anything done. Kaytlynn and I went out for a few minutes this morning-while the  bread was rising-and filled up 2 of the bird feeders and got so cold-we had to come back inside. Jordan worked for a little while taking some of the outside Christmas lights down for me-he came back in after a bit as well. Now if they have a plan of outside play-they'll stay out until noses are red and fingers are hurting. The weather still isn't warming up much-some warm sunshine would sure be nice!
The hens are really putting out the eggs of late-yea! We got 6 yesterday and 7 today-they are so beautiful! We have 2 litters of bunnies due next week-looking forward to new babies.

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