Monday, June 25, 2012

Vacation 2012 - #1

We are on the first of our Summer Vacations! YEAH!! We are currently at an RV Park in Crystal Beach-the same one we stayed at last year. Been here since  Thursday-have to leave tomorrow to go home. I keep telling Jeff we can stay a few more days-but he says he needs to get home and check on his bees!
 Sweet-but messy Kylee-she turned 1 on Saturday! We had to leave the park and drive the 2 hours back home for her birthday party-then 2 hours back-what you won't do for Grandkids! Gotta love 'em! She really did enjoy that cake, though!

 My big catch yesterday-can't see them very well-but I caught not 1-but 2-hardheads at the same time-why could it not of been 2 trout or something else as good? We have caught a few small croakers-but it is really hot-and only 1 crab big enough to keep.
Jeff caught a shark at the beach this morning while we were wade fishing!! No-it wasn't big enough to keep-and no-I didn't fish anymore after this! He had several rows of sharp little teeth! We did find alot of shark's teeth on the beach this morning-more than we've found in years-we'll go back down this evening when it cools off.
The garden has really been keeping us busy this year-I need to update my Harvest tally soon. We even picked more peas, cucumbers and tomatoes-oh yeah-they finally started making!-when we went home on Saturday. We had to buy 2 more casesof canning jars last week-I haven't had to buy any jars for years.
We made a tough decision 2 weeks ago as well. Jeff took the Dexters to the auction to sell them-they brought absolutely nothing! We were disappointed for sure-they didn't even bring what we had bought them for-but we've had 3 calves from them. We kept the Hereford cow-simply cause she wouldn't get in the trailer with the dexters-and both calves. Sugar should be bred back-so we'll get another calf from Fozzie. Feed has just become SO expensive-and even though we still want to try to be as self-suffient as possible-some things may just have to go. Jeff butchered 7 rabbits the other day as well and a few more will be ready next week. It's becoming hard to sell them as well-feed costs are upping the prices. We are pretty sure the Hamp sow is bred-not for sure on the little york cross. She should have her first litter the last weekend of August-awfully hot time for that!
We have another-longer trip planned for next month-we'll stay camped at the State Park in Galveston for nearly a week-then will move over to Surfside for a few days. We've never been over to that area-but it's close to where Randy and Casey are. We are hoping to spend some time with them and get to meet her family before the wedding in August. Casey has planned a fishing trip for Randy an Jeff towards the end of July-so we may check on leaving the camper in that campground for a little while-even through the weekend of the wedding instead of trying to book hotels.
Guess I'll go for now-gonna see were Jeff and Rascal wandered off to!

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