Monday, March 12, 2012

Kylee's First Tractor Ride!

Kylee got to ride the tractor with Grandpa for the first time today-she LOVED it!! I was worried the loudness of it would scare her-but no way! She wouldn't go to Alana or me-she wanted to stay on with Grandpa! She is crawling all over the place-pulling up and beginning to let go-and now has 4 teeth and 2 more nearly here and she is still so little-not quite 15 lbs yet!
Wow-have we had rain this last week-3 1/2 inches yesterday alone! Jordan had his 8th birthday party yesterday here at our house-it was planned for outside with the moonwalk-but not happening with all the rain! And to top it off-our lights had gone out 7 times since Friday afternoon! Luckily-they did stay on for the party-and haven't gone out again!
We got out this morning and planted a little in the garden-got the tomatoes-peppers-some comfrey I'd ordered-some dent corn and Jacob's cattle beans in. We had to finally stop-the ground is just soupy-it's so wet. I really don't want to complain about the rain-we went so long last summer without any! But the warm sunshine we got today was SO nice! And we are heading down to the beach in the morning for a few nights! We are packed and ready-we'll do some fishing and just hang out and relax a little bit. The beach always seems to have such a calming effect on both of us!
Have a great Spring Break-we're sure gonna try!

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