Sunday, December 4, 2011

Kylee Meets Rascal !!

Kylee has really been interested in Rascal lately-and they actually met face to face today! Kylee's starting to scoot and roll around a little bit-so crawling is not too far off.
Well-the last few days have been good and bad! When we got home on Friday afternoon-Glory had had her calf-a beautiful tiny heifer! She is a wonderful color and Jordan has named her Cocoa. She was out of the pasture when Mady and I found her-so we moved the cows back into the pasture behind the house because it is fenced with net wire instead of just barb wire. I took some pictures of them yesterday-but with our cloudy weather-they just came out too dark-I'll have to wait til a brighter day. Then yesterday-my big beautiful rooster went missing. We had heard him crowing in the morning-but by mid morning-we found feathers in the front pasture and no crowing this morning. We don't know if it was a dog or a chicken hawk-Jeff saw a hawk one day last week-so the chickens stayed penned up today.
Our calendar is really staring to fill up quickly-this next month is always so busy for us. Next Saturday is Coldspring's annual Christmas on the Square event. Hailey and the drill team are set for a few performances and then the nighttime parade will be after dark. Children's Church Christmas program is next Sunday night-so we've been having practices for it as well! Busy, busy-but we'd have it no other way!

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Sheila said...

She is so dang cute!