Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day 2010!!

I was blessed with roses this Mother's Day-I have a total of 40 on the dining room table!
These are the catfish Jeff & I brought in last weekend-boy was it fun!!-Jordan, Mady, & Aiden are checking them out!!

Hope everyone had a great day-I sure did!! We watched the girls for Julie today-they scheduled her to work-how sad is that-a single Mom having to work on Mother's Day! The weather has been cool today-I don't think it even got in the 70's-maybe lower ones. It was cooler outside than inside with the a/c on!

We've been to the lake a few more times-Jeff picked me up after work on Monday and we got 18-then Jeff & Randy went later in the week and got 29. Randy and Ricky went Friday and got 9 off the lines-and now it has been a little too windy to get out on the lake-maybe they can get out there in the next few days. Jeff fried fish for supper tonight-Yummy!

We stayed at Mom and Shorty's Friday night and spent a great deal of yesterday cleaning up the yard and mowing-got most of one side of the yard done-it looks really good! Bubba cooked crawfish-so we had mud bugs, corn and potatoes for supper. Shorty sent some kind of citrus tree home with me-he just sticks seeds in the ground and they come up and then he can't remember what he planted! I tell him all the time he could put a dead stick in the ground and it would grow-people with green thumbs!!

Well-they have stopped Jeff's short term disability-now they are saying he wasn't supposed to be getting it. He was only supposed to receive it for a few more weeks-then the Social Security Disabilty is supposed to kick in come the middle of June. It'll just be a long time in between paydays-only having my check from school to depend on. But God is in control and everything will work out in the end!! Have a great week!

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